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Summary of Benefits and Coverage and Uniform Glossary

To help you better understand your health plan, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires insurers and group health plans to provide a way to show benefits and define healthcare industry terms. These required documents are called the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) and the Uniform Glossary.

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

The Summary of Benefits and Coverage provides basic information about your healthcare plan, like which services are covered, your copays and deductibles, and examples of how the plan will pay for certain services. It is provided in a standard format required by the federal government.

The goal of the SBC is to help you more easily compare health plans so you can choose the one that’s right for you. SBCs are provided in a standard format, which may only be different based on the specific benefits offered by each plan. You can view a sample SBC here.

Please contact your plan administrator to request a copy of your SBC.

Uniform Glossary

The Uniform Glossary is a list of commonly used healthcare terms and definitions designed to use with the SBC. Terms and definitions may differ from those used in other plan documents describing your coverage. You can review the Uniform Glossary here.

Additional Information

If you are currently a participant in a health plan sponsored by your employer, you can request a copy of your SBC by calling your employer or group sponsor.

If you are an employer or broker who would like to request a copy of your plan’s SBC, contact you Mutual Health Service Account Service representative.

For more information, view our SBC Frequently Asked Questions for plan participants and employers/brokers.