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Use our provider portal to manage your account.

Creating an Account

To be compliant with HIPAA and privacy laws, Mutual Health Services must set up your provider portal account. To get started, submit the following:

  • Copy of a signed W9 Form
  • Name of authorized user (first name, last name and middle initial) and his or her email address. This information should be printed on company letterhead and signed by an authorized official. Please note: You can have more than one authorized user.

Removing an Authorized User

You must notify Mutual Health Services when an authorized user should no longer have access to the provider portal. The user’s name (first name, last name and middle initial) and email address should be printed on company letterhead and signed by an authorized official.

Please send these documents to:

Mutual Health Services
Provider Login Request
P.O. Box 5700
Cleveland, Ohio 44101

If you have questions before your account is created, please contact our Customer Care department at (800) 367-3762.

EFT/ERA Enrollment

Streamline the payment process by signing up for Electronic Funds Transfer and Electronic Remittance Advice.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

You can receive direct reimbursement through EFT, a safe alternative to paper checks. EFT lets you:

  • Get claim payments through ACH direct deposit
  • Improve cash flow with quicker payments
  • Eliminate bank fees for paper check deposits or lockbox
  • Track deposits with online banking services (if available)
  • Streamline administrative processing by managing access online

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

The Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), also called 835, is the electronic transaction that provides claim payment information in the 5010A1 format required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). When you register for ERA, you will:

  • Save time tracking claim payment information
  • Reduce manual posting errors
  • Receive payment information faster
  • Please note: You will stop receiving paper Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) after 31 days or 3 payments (whichever is longer).

How to Enroll in EFT and ERA

Echo Health, Inc. administers Mutual Health Services’ EFT AND ERA enrollment, changes and cancellations. You can enroll in EFT and ERA together or separately. To enroll, visit Echo Health’s website and have these documents available:

  • EFT – tax identification number, National Provider Identifier (NPI), bank routing number and account number
  • ERA – Clearinghouse contact information

Please note: We require you to use the National Provider Identifier (NPI) on claims to satisfy HIPAA requirements. If the NPI is not included on a claim, we will assume the request is for paper transactions.